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This newsletter is about good, capitalism, and good capitalism.

I have a pretty firm belief that markets have the power to do lots of very good things — and a similarly firm belief that people have to choose to be good in order for markets to work right.

But I was told that markets are amoral

Markets themselves are natural forces — like the tides or the seasons. That’s why it would be lunacy to ignore them or to pretend like they don’t exist. Markets don’t have morals. But people do.

In fact, some of the people who have achieved the most visible success within a market system are also some of the most vocal advocates for making sure that capitalism as a system doesn’t try to detach itself from an ethical perspective on how people participate within the system.

So, what’s this newsletter about?

It’s about the intersection of markets with virtues. Not virtues in a religious sense, but in the sense of the habits required to keep a free, open, and dignified society afloat. In particular, I’ll ask what some of our greatest capitalistic minds would have to say about current events: People like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Franklin, Charlie Munger, and others. This isn’t about picking stocks, nor is it about a slavish devotion to Ayn Rand. It’s about looking at the world around us, seeing it as it really is, and looking to great and wise capitalists for advice.

How often will I see it?

Weekly. More often if circumstances warrant.

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